Norris Nuts Fidget Pop It Game

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Norris Nuts Fidget Pop It Game

Comes with Pop It Game Board, rules and dice.

There are lots of awesome games Legends can play with Norris Nuts Pop It Fidget Game!

One of our favourites is with 2 players; Player 1 starts and rolls the dice, and whatever number comes up Player 2 pushes down that number of pops. So, if it rolls a 6 then Player 2 pops 6 pops. Then Player 2 has a roll and Player 1 pushes down the same number of pops as rolled. The player who presses down the last pop loses the round and then must push one of the big middle pops. Whoever wins three games out of five wins the game and is King Shrimp!

Our 2nd favourite game, the players take turns to press down between 1 - 3 pops that connect. The Player who presses the last pop loses the round.

Remember with fidgets there is sometimes a better side to play on, so try both sides and use the side where the buttons pop better and have fun!

Made of 100% food grade silicone material, tasteless, BPA free, soft and comfortable, will not cause any harm to humans and pets. Wear resistance. A great way to relieve stress and chill.

Includes 1 x Norris Nuts Pop It Fidget Game and 2 x Dice.

 Choking Hazard - Not suitable 3 years under

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